The Intersection: Making Queer and Trans People of Color Visible in Racial Justice and LGBTQ+ Movements

Racial Justice and LGBTQ+ Equality are often talked about as two separate issues. But for Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) those issues are inseperable. This 2 hour workshop will challenge the common practice of interacting with POC spaces as exclusively straight and LGBTQ+ spaces as white only. Participants will engage in a discussion regarding the idea of intersectionality and will engage in a timeline exercise. The second half of the workshop will focus on the best practices for engaging in intersectionality when working towards racial justice in the workplace. This is an advanced workshop for participants who already have a commitment and base understanding of allyship in both racial justice and LGBTQ+ justice.

about Alejandro Juárez

Alejandro is interested in building community through shared learning and fun. He currently serves as the Equity Engagement Strategist with the Multnomah County Health Department. He is passionate about social justice, his family and Sci-fi. Alejandro identifies as queer and latinx. He’s lived in Oregon for 14 years but has managed to retain his LA accent.

about Elleona Budd

Elleona Budd is a Black androgyne living in North Portland, attending their final year of university at Portland State while working at Multnomah County library as a Library Assistant, they hope to leverage the resources the library, and those who are privileged, in a way that helps all IBPOC! Elleona is an old soul, though just having turned 21, they enjoy a nice cup of tea, and a book. You can also see Elleona singing show tunes, fanning out over k-pop groups, watching anime, and holding space for tough conversations about race and the intersectionality of gender and other political topics. 

Fun facts about Elleona: Speaks 9 languages (2 fluently, others 3rd-grade level) & wants to be a foreign diplomat."

about Brenda Garcia

A native Vancouver/ Portlander who works for Multnomah County as a bilingual office assistant helping folks navigate the process of licensing with the Environmental Health program. Brenda is a self proclaimed foodie and loves being outside on her bike or up on trail off the Columbia River Gorge.

about James McKenzie

James McKenzie is a Black transman looking to utilize library systems as sources of community for all. When he’s not behind the desk, you can find him behind the scenes working a concert or building up his PC.