Race, Racism, and the Re-Emergence of White Nationalism: Racial Implications for Education & Scholarship

Race-based violence and white nationalism across the U.S. has made casual abuse against black and brown bodies more visible, the weight of which has not been lost within higher education and student affairs. Even while so much of what we feel remains unresolved, our agency, as higher education professionals must be assessed. This session will explore possibilities for radical transformation in education, and identify high-impact practices for administrators. Explore the lines between culturally-relevant pedagogy and activism, in grappling with the racism that prevails our campuses and the communities in which they reside.


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About Shanice Clarke

Shanice Clarke (she/her/hers) currently serves Portland State University as the Program Coordinator for the Pan-African Commons
Student Center. Shanice is a product of a Jamaican migrant family, and a first-generation person of the United States. Originally from
Boston, MA, Shanice joins Portland State from the University of Northern Colorado after earning a Master of Arts in Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership (HESAL) in 2016, and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services in 2014. A focus for her research and
scholarship studied institutional response of race-based biased incidents and culturally-relevant practices. Her professional experiences
at the University of Northern Colorado include advocacy for survivors of gender violence, and advising at the Marcus Garvey Cultural
Center, center for students in the African diaspora. Currently, she supports the American College Personnel Association’s Coalition for
Women’s Identities as incoming Co-Chair. In the local community, she is a Organizing & Movement-Building cohort member for Enlace: International Non-Profit for Racial and Economic Justice.

Learn more at www.pdx.edu/profile/shanice-clarke