Race, Bias & Erosion of Empathy: The Cause, Cure & Cultivation of Empathy Quotient (EQ)

Attendees will experience real life exercises, activities and discussions that will assist them in developing deeper insight in identifying how the absence of empathy in leadership impacts policy, practice, principles and influences equity, diversity and inclusion efforts and initiatives. Further, participants will gain practical skills through role-play and best practice tools to confront, interrupt and redirect attitudes, actions and behaviors that reflect the absence of empathy. Participants will begin the journey on how to cultivate and expand their own Empathy Quotient. As Desmond Tutu stated, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

Be it personal, professional or within your social networks, empathy plays the major role in all of our lived experiences. Participants will:

• Learn how to increase self-awareness about empathy and measure their own “Empathy Quotient”

• Develop skill in identifying the absence of emphatic behavior and attitudes and actions within their personal, professional and community spaces.

• Understand the reason and need for expanding and cultivating their EQ and why complacency perpetuates status-quo.

• How to courageously confront, interrupt and redirect behavior, attitudes and actions that reflect the absence of empathy.


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About greg taylor

With over 25 years of training and facilitation experience, Greg Taylor has directed dialogue with groups in the business, educational, government, healthcare, nonprofit, and criminal justice sectors. He navigates easily and comfortably within controversial frameworks, and with people who have strong beliefs and quite often operate from positions of power and influence. 

He has an innovative, energetic and dynamic facilitation and training style that creates and sustains authentic engagement from participants. In addition, Greg holds excellent interpersonal, communication and public speaking skills. 

Greg's approach is a trans-formative synthesis of intentional training design and effective facilitation. He focuses on outcome-based interactions and create movement – in participant’s understanding, positions, and values to establish receptivity and openness to consider new routes towards desired results founded on new experiential learning, knowing and understanding.

Greg works closely cooperatively and collaborative with his clients to create, develop and cultivate a safe space and environment that fosters open dialogue in processing new perspectives to evaluate and deliberate on various options and innovative solutions to consider.

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