Executive Session.

Inclusive Leadership: Bringing Self-Awareness, Intentionality and Action to Interrupt and End Micro-Aggressions

As leaders of a diverse workforce, there is the ever present challenge of finding the unifying elements that enable cooperative and collaborative work to happen with more effective and inclusive outcomes for all. In order to do that work best, we need to be self-aware of the power and privilege we possess as leaders and how we must model and interrupt oppressive behaviors that prevent non-dominant, marginalized voices from being heard and valued. Often the most damaging environments are those that have an insidious tolerance for "othering" that happens in micro-aggressions in multiple contexts: speech, conduct, environmental spaces and acts of omission/silence. Learning to compassionately and effectively language and craft environments that truly create inclusivity takes ongoing practice of awareness and action.

This workshop will enable leaders to learn practical skills to become more self-aware, intentional and active in the process of modeling inclusive leadership. It will focus specifically on why micro-aggressions are so damaging to those who experience them, and then help participants to understand how to help educate others on their damage and how to interrupt micro-aggressions.

Ann Su

Ann is passionate about connecting people to their best selves and bridging understanding and connections between people and communities. This is why she has dedicated over twenty years of her life to working for social, economic and environmental justice. To support that work she studied Political and Social Thought and Environmental Science at University of Virginia where she earned a B.A. Then, she studied Critical race theory and public interest law at George Washington University where she earned her J.D. Her interdisciplinary education enables her to apply an intersectional and multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Ann is a public interest attorney, diversity and inclusion consultant and college professor. She works with individuals and non-profits to create more inclusive communities. And she teaches in the areas of law, public speaking, women’s studies and race/racism at Portland State University and Portland Community College.