Culture & Context: Historic Inequities that Led to Racism and Disparities in the United States and How Agencies Can Make Change

This interactive workshop defines internalized, interpersonal, systemic and structural racism in the United States. Historical examples will be highlighted and explored to further understand how this has led to disparities. The workshop will introduce the City of Gresham’s employee-led equity initiative and inform participants on how to play a greater role in creating more equitable systems.

About Corey falls

Corey Falls is the Director of Public Safety / Deputy City Manager for the City of Gresham and has served in public service since 1998. As a former Sheriff and Deputy Police Chief, he has extensive public safety leadership experience and has been integrally involved in the implementation of equity and inclusion initiatives for city and county governments. Corey has a Post Master’s Degree in Business, a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management, a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Education and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Human Performance.