Culturally Responsive Approaches to Measuring Your Equity Work

Chances are good that your organization is already gathering data about how equitable and engaged your organizational culture is. This session will help you understand how to use the data you already have to gain insight into what your organization can do to improve its culture. Participants can also learn how to use small steps and ongoing feedback to improve both data collection practices and organizational culture. In particular the session will address how to use culturally responsive approaches to measuring your equity work and what to do about the data you’ve collected once you understand what the data means.

about April Arevalo

April Arevalo is a culturally responsive evaluator and researcher with over a decade in the public sector working with education, public health and international development organizations. She currently works with a national education non-profit establishing the metrics and indicators to track progress and successes on equity initiatives. April is committed to using culturally responsive approaches to measuring equity work that centers people of color and their experiences while also improving the quantity and quality of services and programs. Outside of work, she enjoys Zumba classes, long walks with her dog and hiking with friends and family.

about Alanna Hein

Alanna Hein has an established Organizational Development training, consulting and executive coaching practice. Her work focuses on valuing equity diversity and inclusion, building high performing work teams, planning for and managing change, applied emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. Her consulting clients have included: City, County and Federal government agencies, private non-profit organizations, and corporations of all sizes. Alanna taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the business and management department for many years at Marylhurst University. She has been a Director of Human Resources and was also an Auditor. Her training, consulting, and coaching are recognized as exceptionally effective, and her jokes are almost always funny.