Cultivating Change Makers: Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders

This presentation is about educating employers on the importance of creating pipelines of internship opportunities for diverse, innovative, and goal-driven new careerist or transitioning professionals to gain working experience to be the next generation of leaders within their organizations. The foundation of the presentation in built on addressing the Equity Initiatives that directly target underserved/marginalized populations, students of color, women, students with disabilities, veterans, and students from the LGBTQ+ communities. We will be using the success of Kaiser Permanente Pipeline programs for internships, fellowships, and high school programs to highlight key culturally responsive recruitment practices on hiring, converting, and retaining highly-qualified and diverse talent.

about LaTasha Brown

LaTasha M. Brown is a native of Portland, OR. As a graduate from, the University of Arizona, LaTasha received a BA degree in Communication, and is currently an MBA Candidate in Leadership and Management at Concordia University, in Portland, OR. With over 16 years of experience in diversifying the workforce through equitable and meticulous hiring practices, LaTasha’s community involvement and current role as the Diverse Talent Planning Consultant, has led her to continue to complete the marketing, outreach, and recruitment to build a pipeline of outstanding millennials and new careerist for Kaiser Permanente’s Summer Internship Program and Fellowship Program. Her focus on community collaborations has led to various volunteer opportunities and leadership roles, such as leading the Junior Wildcat Recruiters, Minority Student Recruiters, and Student Teacher initiatives. LaTasha’s multi-cultural background has inspired her to work with community and organizational stakeholders in an effort to plant positive seeds of change and pave the way for future leaders in Kaiser Permanente Northwest. Some of LaTasha’s most memorable trainings in diversity have been: Leading for Equity, Courageous Conversations About Race, and Hiring a Diverse Workforce. On her spare time, LaTasha enjoys being with her family, traveling, hiking, cooking, and scrapbooking!