Community Engagement for Community Benefit

As more organizations and institutions implement Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion practices and programs, suddenly, community engagement is on everyone’s checklist of an equitable process. But how are these processes perpetuating oppressive cycles and systems in the name of equity and racial justice? Is community engagement a priority because your institution actually wants to change or is it a line in your funding measurables? Do you already have a plan set to get buy-in on or are you wanting to take leadership from the community to make lasting, impactful change? Join OHEA as we share our community engagement guidelines and share experiences in doing this challenging and necessary work.

about Yian Saechao

Yian is an Iu-Mienh woman born in Visalia, CA and raised in Portland, OR. After the loss of her mother, she is her family’s caretaker from the age of fourteen. Yian is a former youth/community organizer, which is where a lot of her training experience draws from in addition to her life experience. She has led various workshops and trainings for the last 4 years, around facilitation, racial justice, and Asian Americans in social justice movement work. Yian is currently working on expanding her knowledge around health, healing justice and judo.


Esther Kim is a queer fat sick and disabled Korean American living in Portland, or via Salt Lake City, Utah. An organizer since youth, Esther comes from a lineage of troublemakers and rule breakers. They currently work in health equity challenging the state's practices of white supremacy and anti-blackness and advocating for community wisdom as practice and model for cultural, political, and institutional change. When they're not struggling within the non-profit industrial complex, Esther likes to learn new music, lay in bed, eat snacks, try different Korean face masks, laugh at astrology memes, be deep in their feelings, and rewatch bad movies from the 90s and early 2000s. you can find them on Instagram at @esthagrammm.

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