Challenges and Opportunities in Action

This session will use scenarios and case studies to focus on how to remove roadblocks to equity, diversity and inclusion by directly addressing two issues. 1. The microaggressions that diminish morale and discourage staff innovation and engagement. 2. Cognitive distortions – errors in thinking about the causes of disparities - that lead organizations to make decisions that exclude or marginalize some employees or communities. For example the belief that as individuals, people are responsible for their own success leads to a misunderstanding of what it takes to be “successful” and who is seen as successful. The session will wrap up with a discussion of some tools to understand what still needs to be accomplished to in order to create meaningfully inclusive organizations and communities.

About Alanna hein

Alanna Hein has an established training, consulting and executive coaching. Her work focuses on valuing diversity equity and inclusion, building high performing work teams, planning for and managing change, and conflict resolution. Her consulting clients have included: City, County and Federal government agencies, private non-profit organizations, and corporations of all sizes. Alanna taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the business and management department for many years at Marylhurst University. She has been a Director of Human Resources, and was an Auditor. Her training, consulting, and coaching are recognized as exceptionally effective, and her jokes are almost always funny.

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