Be the Bridge: Be Part of the Solution

Based on his lived story of growing up in a non-racialized native West Africa, Parfait Bassale explores what it means to live in the USA two decades as a minority who understands white privilege.

Parfait explains the Be The Bridge Model (a framework to guide engagement in social justice and equity work) and illustrate its application at personal and professional levels. He shows how it has shaped relationships in his life and transformed an entire college campus in Olympia Washington.

By means of stories and songs, he invites participants on an introspective journey of accountability.

about Parfait Bassale

Originally from Benin Republic (West Africa) Parfait Bassalé , MA, is an inspiring musician and speaker with expertise in empathy, interpersonal neurobiology and trauma-informed practices. Parfait’s international background and training in conflict resolution brings to the table a refreshing perspective on matters of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Reconciliation.

Parfait is currently the Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion at South Puget Sound Community College. 

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