Advancing Workforce Equity by Centering Those Most Impacted

This workshop will explore how local governments can utilize social justice principles and community organizing models to address
institutional inequities around racial and other marginalized employee identities by centering the voices and experiences of those most
impacted by organizational practices, policies and approaches.


Ben Duncan

As the Chief Diversity and Equity Officer for Multnomah County, Ben Duncan has provided trainings and workshops on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion. As a steering committee member for the National Governing Alliance for Racial Equity, he has presented to national jurisdictions and audiences on how equity can be embedded into organizational structures and practice.

Andrea Archuleta

Andrea Archuleta is a probation/parole officer at Multnomah County Department of Community Justice, Portland, Oregon. Her career of 20 years began in the Juvenile Detention facility, providing trauma informed and culturally specific services to detained Latinx justice involved youth.  She later promoted to Juvenile Court Counselor where she continued to advocate for her Latinx clients and community members working in the gang unit. She has spent the last three years as a leader and co-chair of Multnomah County Employees of Color (EOC). Her accomplishments as an EOC leader are the development and implementation of the Workforce Strategic Plan and the Employee Competency Model at Multnomah County. She is a member of the Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber and recently graduated from their leadership program. In her spare time, she works as a group fitness instructor at LA Fitness helping others to be happy and healthy. You can reach her at

Raymond De Silva

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Natasha Smith

Natasha Smith, MPH, is a Project Specialist Senior with Multnomah County's Health Department whose job includes the internal coordination of Multnomah County's Community Health Improvement Plan, or CHIP. The CHIP ensures that the county is aligned with the communities needs. Natasha is also the current chair of Multnomah County's Employees of Color, Employee Resource Group whose mission is to advocate for racial equity, inclusion and fairness in the workplace.

Aimeera Flint

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